Our Mission

We are Elliott and Randy,
    Randy Bechtold Anura
The founders of Anura, and want to thank you for stopping by.  We both feel there is a huge opportunity in this marketplace to provide superior products at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standard of customer service the industry offers.  We want our customers to experience this by allowinthem to feel they have made the best decision. We want constant feedback on what we can do better and how we can make even better products down the road.
We started this company because from our research, we felt the other companies weren’t providing products that were built to last.  From the hundreds of reviews we read, we would keep hearing the same issues and concerns repeated over and over from customers, so we listened and took action.  We decided to start creating the highest quality products based off of this information so we could start to build trust with our customers and create a long lasting relationship into the future. 
So, to make sure we create this experience, we created extra features such as a “no questions asked” 60 day money back guarantee to ensure our customers feel that they are getting exactly what they paid for.  We also provide free buffer powder packs with each appropriate model so that you can calibrate correctly right out of the box.  And we know that after time, your electrodes will need replacement to maintain accuracy, so we offer a huge discount to our customers for their first replacement unit.
We are trying to not only provide the best products for our customers now, but well into the future.  So we will make sure and continue to provide the latest in technology to help make our products even more efficient for years to come.  Our goal has always been to help provide information on how clean your drinking water is, especially for places in the world that don’t currently have this ability.  We feel that the quality of water in one part of the world does have an effect on all of us, and by improving the worst of the problem, we will help to address the world problem as a whole.  
Thanks so much for your consideration to purchase one of our products, and please make sure to get in touch with us if you have any feedback you would like us to know.  
Elliott and Randy